Beer and Wine


Welcome to Our Beer and Wine Department here at Randall’s Farm & Greenhouse.

Browse our extensive beer and wine selections, where you will find a wide variety of spirits and brews, perfect for any occasion!

In addition to our domestic and imported beers and wines, we also have a great selection of local wines, organic wines, seasonal beverages, and gluten-free products.

Whether you are entertaining guests, sharing time with friends, or simply relaxing after a long day, we are sure to have just what you are looking for.


Some of our Locals

Abandoned Building Brewery

Artifact Cider Project

Berkshire Brewing Company

Fort Hill Brewery

Greater Good Brewing

Hardwick Winery

Hitchcock Brewing Company

Iron Duke Brewing

Outlook Farm Brewery

Scantic River Brewery

Truro Vineyards

Vanished Valley

Wachusett Brewing Company

White Lion Brewery